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Quick, Efficient Plumbing Repairs for Homeowners, Businesses, Contractors and Property Management Companies

George Davis Plumbing provides fast, affordable, efficient plumbing repair services for all of San Diego County. We handle repairs of all sizes, and we are licensed, insured. Repairs include:

  • Garbage disposals replaced
  • Water heater leaks repaired
  • Leaky pipes repaired
  • Running toilets fixed
  • Noisy plumbing quieted
  • Broken pipes replaced
  • Pressure regulator replaced
  • Ice maker leaks fixed
  • Broken faucets replaced
  • Water leaks fixed
  • Underlying causes of plumbing failures addressed

Suggestions for dealing with a repair situation:

  1. If there is uncontrolled water running or leaking, turn off the water from its source, or shut off the main water supply if necessary.
  2. If you get wet, keep away from live electrical receptacles or fixtures. Shut off the power at the service panel.
  3. Shut off the gas if those pipes are affected. Open doors and windows to provide ventilation.
  4. Call George Davis Plumbing at 858-366-8152 to assess the situation further over the phone, and schedule service.

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